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    "I'm bringing booty back/Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that"

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    wow :/ i cant believe shes shaming skinny girls like that. i cant help but be skinny. sorry i dont have a huge ass.

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    "Fuck the skinny bitches in the club/I wanna see all the big fat ass bitches in the motherfucking club, fuck you if you skinny bitches. What?"

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If you don’t understand what it’s like to need money from the government to survive, good for you.
If you haven’t had to watch your father get made redundant over and over again, if you haven’t had to watch your mother cry multiple times because she can’t afford to pay for basic things like school books for your siblings, good for you.
If you haven’t gone to school with an empty stomach and come home and had nothing but a sandwich for the entire night because your family can’t afford more food that week, good for you.
If you haven’t cried yourself to sleep out of desperation after getting yet another job application rejection e-mail despite having enough experience and skills, good for you.
If you’ve never had to sit there silently and listen to people talk about how families like yours are “low-life scum just taking money from the government”, resisting the urge to scream about how you need that money to live, good for you.
Good for you that you’ve never had to suffer like that, good for you that you haven’t thrown up pure stomach acid and water from being physically sick from lack of food. Good for you that you haven’t had to watch your mother cry because she’s too physically sick to work but your family needs the money.
Good. For. You.
But don’t you dare sit there and say that other people don’t deserve extra help for circumstances outside of their control, or that they don’t deserve a living wage, and don’t act like jobs grow on trees, because they don’t.
If you’ve never been a part of the lower class, good for you.
But get your head out of your ass and realise that this is bigger than your privilege.
I’m Tired of Hearing Stuff Like that Every Day (via mutilatedmemories)


Skittles Vodka.

Ingredients & Measurements:

  • 1 large bag of Skittles
  • 70 cl. cheapest vodka

When making Skittles Vodka you can choose to either use all five of the flavours or to buy several bags of Skittles and separate the flavours or even mix two or three of the flavours to create your own taste. Once you have chosen your flavours the method is always the same:

  1. Pour off some of the Vodka (down to the shoulder of the bottle should do)
  2. Add your Skittles to the bottle.
  3. Replace the cap and shake vigorously.
  4. It takes several hours of intermittent shaking for the Skittles to completely dissolve (the process can be sped up by putting the bottle in a dishwasher during a wash cycle)
  5. Once the Skittles have dissolved you should be left with colored Vodka and a layer of scum (or ming) will have formed. This ming must be removed.
  6. Pour the Skittles Vodka through a sheet of kitchen paper or a coffee filter using a sieve. This will remove the ming and leave nothing but tasty Skittles flavored Vodka.
  7. Chill till ice cold, serve, enjoy!

You can also make jolly ranchers vodka the same way, only difference is that you don’t have to filter it!



Hello guys. This is a personal favor from Shay. Her best friend is missing and thought to be kidnapped. If you have any information, please the number on the flier. PLEASE PLEASE REBLOG!! Someone can know something and reblog ing can help so much! Thank you.

Boosting this up to get this spread as much as possible, if you haven’t already done so please reblog it and help us find her.

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